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Crochet Pattern for Morning Star by CreativeExcess

I really like this morning star; the wait was totally worth it! The fact that even the chains are made from crocheting is enough to mak...

Courage by CreativeExcess

Keep in mind i haven't written a critique before, but here goes; I really like this pillow, just looking at it screams it took quite so...

  • 1:What are you wearing?: Gray Def Leppard shirt, blue and white plaid pajamas
  • 2:Ever been in love?: Yeah
  • 3:Ever had a terrible breakup?: Pretty much every one. (which is about 4)
  • 4:How tall are you?: 5'11
  • 5:How much do you weigh?: About 150
  • 6:Any tattoos do you want?: One of my Zodiac sign, Aries, In the centre of a cartwheel, with the other 11 zodiacs in between the spokes, on my left shoulder.
  • 7:Any piercings that you want?: Nah
  • 8:OTP?: Wut
  • 9:Favorite Show?: Regular Show
  • 10:Favorite bands?: Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, Boston, Styx, Steely Dan, Aerosmith, America, Approaching Nirvana, The Gin Blossoms, Voltaj, Shiny Toy Guns, Night Ranger
  • 11:Something you miss?: The feelings i had about two winters ago
  • 12:Favorite song?: "Hey Jealousy" by The Gin Blossoms
  • 13:How old are you?: 18
  • 14:Zodiac sign?: Aries
  • 15:Hair Color?: Brown
  • 16:Favorite Quote?: "If the dream is a reflection of the waking world, then the waking world is a reflection of the dream" -Rene Magritte
  • 17:Favorite singer?: None
  • 18:Favorite color?: I have 3: Navy Blue, Dark forest green, and white.
  • 19:Loud music or soft?: Either or
  • 20:Where do you go when you're sad?: to my friends to forget about my troubles
  • 21:How long does it take you to shower?: like 5 minutes
  • 22:How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: about 5 minutes
  • 23:Ever been in a physical fight?: 3. Lost one, won the other, the third kind of ended in a draw
  • 24:Turn on?: When  a girl glomps (hugs from behind) me, then rests their head on my upper back
  • 25:Turn off?: Cruelty to anyone, animal or human
  • 26:The reason I joined DeviantART?: My friend had one, and it seemed interesting
  • 27:Fears?: Death, drowning, closed spaces
  • 28:Last thing that made you cry?: Finding out a girl i was going to date, betrayed me. (we were gonna wait until after college, but she didnt wait. went with some other guy)
  • 29:Last time you cried?: probably a few weeks ago
  • 30:Meaning behind your username: Name i use for everything
  • 31:Last book you read?: "The Trial" by Franz Kafka
  • 32:Last song you listened to?: "Stranger in town" by Toto
  • 33:Last show you watched?: The Simpsons
  • 34:Last person you talked to?: my friend from College Camren
  • 35:The relationship between you and the person you last texted?: Friends
  • 36:Favorite food?: Shrimp scampi, or anything pasta
  • 37:Place you want to visit?: The Sagrada Familia in Spain
  • 38:Last place you were?: My bed
  • 39:Do you have a crush?: yeah, my current girlfriend x3
  • 40:Last time you kissed someone?: Probably a few weeks ago
  • 41:Last time you were insulted and what was it?:  Can't really remember any, sorry
  • 42:What color underwear are you wearing?: Green Boxers
  • 43:What color shirt are you wearing?: Gray
  • 44:What color bottoms are you wearing?: Blue and white plaid
  • 45:Wearing any bracelets?: Nah
  • 46:Last sport you played?: Hockey
  • 47:Last song you sang?: "Africa" by Toto
  • 48:Last prank call you remember doing?: Dialing 867-5309 ("jenny" by tommy tutone) and asking for Jenny
  • 49:Last time you hung out with anyone?: A week or so ago with :iconinvaderemi-hatena:
  • 50:Favorite movie?: Fool's Gold

Only did this Cause Emi tagged me >.>

too lazy to tag anyone x3


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Hey everyone, they know me as Mightythedj23, but Mighty works just fine :P.
I enjoy classic rock, the elements, ancient temples, and animals. i like to draw based on songs/albums, and i do a little creative writing. i hope you enjoy my deviantart here :D

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