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Piano? by mightythedj23 Piano? :iconmightythedj23:mightythedj23 0 0 Is something in the works? by mightythedj23 Is something in the works? :iconmightythedj23:mightythedj23 1 0
In Autumn.
In Autumn.
"..They say that if you catch a falling leaf in autumn, then you won't be ill for the winter..."
"Jonathan? what are you doing bro?" He asked so nonchalantly.
"I'm trying to catch the falling leaves."
"I can see that, but why?"
Jonathan just gave a faint smile. "Just because really. " If he  told him the real reason, he might take her away, just like they did.
A stream of tears developed in his eyes the more he thought about it. The more he thought about, the more anger it brought him.
They grew up together. Ever since they were young, she always like rabbits. "Look johnny! it's so soft!" She giggled in delight.
'I promise, you will get better. You'll come back to me, and we'll always be together.' He thought.
On his way home, he attempted to catch more falling leaves, with only gradual success.
When he got home, he found his mother looking through a family album.
"Hey mom, I'm home." he said, resting his bag on the table, and looking over her shoulde
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Award Speech
I don't think words can truly describe the amount of excitement and joy I am feeling right now.
To have my name along with all the other students who have received their award before me is surprising and hubmling in itself, let alone for me to receive an award myself.
Looking around, there are so many people here with us tonight that have so much more talent and potential that I do; For instance we enjoyed a stop motion animation that afellow student spent three months- their entire summer to create and bring to us tonight.
Earlier we were graced with a piano piece that another student had written themselves.
Seeing all of this talent, all this devotion, made me think: "What do I have to offer?"
As I'm standing here at this podium, with my award for my audio and visual work throughout this year, I still do not think i have an appropriate answer; moreso just a guess as to what I have to offer.
I mean, throughout my high school years here, I did not have much of a clue what I wanted to d
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Sleepy kitty by mightythedj23 Sleepy kitty :iconmightythedj23:mightythedj23 0 2 Sky Shot by mightythedj23 Sky Shot :iconmightythedj23:mightythedj23 0 0
Just a Song Before I Go
"..Just a song before i go, a lesson to be learned; Traveling twice the speed of sound, it's easy to get burned.."
"Do you understand what those lyrics mean, son?" Papa asked me, taking a puff from his birch wood carved pipe.
"I think so papa."
"Yeah, i think the man in the song means that if you move too fast doing stuff, you could get hurt a lot."
Papa smiled, his beard moving with his smile, "Sounds about right son. Come along now, it's time for bed." As he rose, the leather armchair creaked, showing its age.
"Awh Papa, do i have to?" I asked.
The grandfather clock in the hallway struck its chimes, one for each hour, and ended at nine chimes, justifying The father's decision.
The boy was settled in his bed, teddy bear under his arm, and tucked in by his father, but before he shut out the light, the boy began to speak.
"Papa, do you have to leave again?"
He gave a weak smile and said, "I'm afraid so. Believe me when i say i'd much rather be at home than
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The makers1 (chapter story)
He looked around; all these makers were way to intimidating for him to make any real friends, or so he thought.
Hyundai was a young boy of no older than seventeen, black, messy medium length hair, wide brown coloured eyes, wearing his usual blue sweatshirt with his personal logo on the back; a large, italicized H in an oval, and blue jeans. As he walked around the room, he accidently ran into two makers who seemed to be friends; the first one wore an emerald green t-shirt and dark gray jeans and sandals, and had an elongated upside down red arrow with a silver star near the top, trimmed in silver on his left sleeve, with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes; He also seemed to have a bit of a stubble.
"Woah, careful there little dude, you alright?"
"Uh, yeah, i'm alright thanks mr...?"
"No need for formalities little dude, I'm Pontiac. you?"
"I-I'm Hyundai, nice to meet you."
Hyundai was very nervous; for the longest time, he never had any interaction w
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The meeting of the makers, Pt 1 by mightythedj23 The meeting of the makers, Pt 1 :iconmightythedj23:mightythedj23 1 0
Childhood story.
When i got home, i didn't expect the girl i adopted, whom i nicknamed Ssj, to so suddenly greet me. I mean, it's not like she didn't greet me when i got home from the radio station each day, but today she seemed to greet me....more enthusiastically then she has in the past.
"Why so eager to see me home Ssj? did you find my secret candy stash?" i asked, in a tone that i guess could be described as both calm and tired.
"I couldn't wait for you to get home because i wanted to ask you something Mighty," She said, very excited about whatever she was going to ask me.
"well," she began, "I guess it's more than one question, more like three or four." "question one: how/what made you decide to Move to New Hope, South Carolina? Question two: how did you meet Mr. Jones/how are you two related, and if you guys aren't, how'd you meet? Question three: how did you meet Kate? Question 4: Why is your hat so special to you?"
She almost ran out of breath she said so much. I walked over to greet Kate, who
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When you left me, when you decided to end it way back when, i was so heart broken.
I couldn't bare to start the days without you there with me, let alone glance at you; When i did, all i felt was pain and depression.
When i caught wind that you found someone else to share your affection, that devastated me.
When you left, after a while of getting used to the lonliness, i thought i could handle you being with another. I was so wrong. The feelings that enveloped my being were almost too much to handle.
It was a mix of anger, jealousy, depression and the feeling of being replaced.
I thought about all the good times we had spent together; albeit was a short time; however i was never happier than when i was with you.
When i realized you had been deeply hurt by someone, someone i knew, a rage filled my soul, filled my being. Whether you were ever or will ever be aware of this, i'm very protective of you. Looking back, maybe that's the reason i felt the way i did when you were with another.
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Old' Hallow's Eve Massacre.
Growing up, Isaac pretnikov was always mocked because of his Romanian ancestry; people would always make fun of the legends and myths that were a very large part of his culture. He absolutely loathed his tormentors, throughout his school years the way he dealt with them got worse. When he was in grade school, he shouted at them. In middle school, he threatened them. In High school, he fought them. Viciously. He had sent three teens who bullied him to the hospital, all in critical condition. After he graduated high school, he decided to work in the technology field, namely with robotics. That's where we shall join the now Professor Pretnikov.
"La dracu!" Pretnikov shouted in frustration; he always tended to curse in romanian.
"what's wrong sir?" His young assistant, William burndish asked, a little startled to hear Pretnikov yell in such a way.
William was a young british man of 23, Pretnikov being twelve years his senior. He started work under pretnikov after hearing one of his lecture
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I wouldn't want to be like you.
If i had to choose, i still wouldn't be like you.
I don't care about you and what you do.
Why? Because, you are so much like a scorpion it sickens me. The way you talk, how you act, just being near you pisses me off.
What you do that annoys me you may ask? well, it's actually two things you do.
The way you look around at all your hive minded friends, like the drone bees they are, following your every order, to make sure they are laughing with you when you made fun of that poor kid with the words you spoke.
Words. Of course, i know you don't care about what you say or who you say it to; Little scorpions only look out for themselves.
you're a scorpion. But, care to know why? No, on second thought, i won't give you the option to not hear me. you WILL know why.
You're a scorpion because when you find your prey, you clamp down on them with your pincers, closing your grip tighter and tighter the more they try to flee, like a chinese finger trap. Then, while th
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Fall Colour by mightythedj23 Fall Colour :iconmightythedj23:mightythedj23 0 12
Blue. it's not just a colour; it's a state of mind, a state of being. my state of being.
It's also a dual being; Blue can be calming, soothingly peaceful, or full of sorrow and depression.
I guess i'm a dual being, if i'm blue as well as blue is me, then i am calming, yet full of sorrow.
i don't know what i am truly, if i am something else and that something else is me, do i have a true identity?
realizing this, is making me blue.
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Mature content
Utopia. :iconmightythedj23:mightythedj23 0 0


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I really like this morning star; the wait was totally worth it! The fact that even the chains are made from crocheting is enough to mak...

Keep in mind i haven't written a critique before, but here goes; I really like this pillow, just looking at it screams it took quite so...



1.Tell you what animal/creature you remind me of.

2. Tell you what color I think fits you.

3. Tell you how I feel about you.

4. Insult you (Don't take it seriously)

5. Tell you my favorite OC of yours.

6. Tell you what season you remind me of.

7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head.

8. Think of a random nickname for you.

9. Tell you what element you remind me of.

10. Ask you to put this in your journal without using the words 'tag' or 'dare'.


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